Ashton W. Sanders
Entrepreneur Finance Expert Investor

From there he began to study Entertainment Business at Full Sail University, and working from home doing affiliate marketing. He and his longtime business partner Gospel Jackson turned a work from home opportunity that was based on getting consumers to complete trial offers of products and services like Gamefly and They turned their small startup into a 40,000+ member organization with clients and partners all over America called Affluentry Connection. Due to major industry

changes and partnership disputes, the company had to close its doors. It was at that moment that Ashton lost everything that he worked so hard for. He ended up homeless sleeping on a bench in North Hollywood, CA for months while working at Bank of America as a teller. In his worst state, Ashton launched 3 companies Affluent Life Branding, Breitman Capital, and Belkin Financial Partners. His vision was to create accenting companies that help businesses at all levels grow and better capitalize their company using the powers of branding, credit, finance, and investments.

Through his companies, Ashton has helped thousands of people all across the world expand their companies, build their personal and business credit, and raise 100’s of thousands of dollars in funding. Ashton has several strategies that he uses to help up and coming companies scales and he loves working with like-minded partners that share his passion to see entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life.  If you are looking to begin, grow, or expand your business please reach out to us below so that we can get you on the right track.

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Ashton has created several educational products such as his Breitman Academy Personal Credit Course for those looking to take their finances to the next level. Visit for details.
Through the years Ashton has helped 1000's of people and companies grow. If you are looking to be coached one-on-one by Ashton, please click on the contact link below.
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